Girl Scout cookies and freedom of the press

This is just odd. Apparently, some poor, oppressed Knoxvillian can’t sell Girl Scout cookies on Craig’s List, even though hundreds of people are doing it on Ebay. Somehow, this becomes a freedom of the press issue and calls into question whether or not we really live in a free country. Wow.

Suffering the Benz Top Posts

When I migrated from Movable Type to WordPress, I realized there’s a lot of crap on here. More than 600 posts over the past seven years. Someone beaming in from the Google Transporter would be hard pressed to figure out what’s going on here. So I’ve pulled together my favorite posts in a single category […]

Sitcom Christmas: Green Acres

Sitcom: Green Acres Episode: An Old-Fashioned Christmas Year: 1966 Story line: A law forbids Oliver from chopping down a Christmas tree. Details: We open with a flashback to Christmas “several years ago” in New York City. Oliver is appalled that all they can find are fake trees, and he pines for an old-fashioned Christmas where […]

Sitcom Christmas: Seinfeld

Sitcom: Seinfeld Episode: The Pick Year: 1992 Story line: Elaine sends out a revealing photo of herself in Christmas cards.. Details: I’ll be honest. I really was gunning for the Festivus episode here, having been particularly inspired by Say Uncle’s Airing of Grievances blog posts this holiday season. But who am I to question the […]

Sitcom Christmas: Good Times

Sitcom: Good Times Episode: Penny’s Christmas Year: 1977 Story line: Penny is nabbed for shoplifting at Christmas. Details: Tivo offered up two Christmas episodes of Good Times. I chose the older version, though it wasn’t old enough. This one aired well after Good Times had jumped the shark. Florida and James, the mother and father, […]