‘The Earth’s natural Internet’

“Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World,” Paul Stamets (2005) I ordered this book shortly after seeing “Fantastic Fungi.” I was a bit leery of the title, which seemed to drift toward hyperbole. But after reading the book, I’m wondering if the title might be understated. Paul Stamets, the author of Mycelium Running […]

Leaf Litter: Turkeys on the wing

Walking with Sunny in the pre-dawn hours yesterday morning, we both stopped dead in our tracks at the sound of frantic flapping in the trees above us. Barely discernible, a blob lumbers out of the branches and glides down the hill. Then several other trees start rustling with similar results. Sunny doesn’t get excited over […]

‘But when war come, Hunkie good enough to fight’

Men and Steel, Mary Heaton Vorse, (1920). This is a fascinating, in-the-trenches look at the 1919 national steel strike, with particular emphasis on Braddock and the pastor of the Slovak Catholic church there who stood by his congregation in the face of threats and intimidation from the steel bosses. Mary Heaton Vorse is a wonderful […]

Jane Swisshelm was a total badass

I’ve been tinkering again with The Book, and one of the rabbit holes that research dropped me into prompted the discovery that Swissvale (where I attended high school) and nearby Swisshelm Park were named after Jane Swisshelm, journalist, abolitionist, and all-around bad-ass. The Wikipedia entry on her notes she wrote an autobiography called “Half a […]

Rolling to Devil’s Kettle with Noah

We took advantage of the exceptional weather during the past week to ride the Hockhocking Adena Bikeway over to Devil’s Kettle, where I indulged my love of their Gallatea Dunkel. Great time. Great ride. Love this photo of Lara and Noah rolling over a bridge across the Hocking River on our way to the brewery […]