WTF is that atop the refrigerator?

That silver tray. Next to the fabulous Ricardo Cate’ artwork. A closer look reveals … a beatific rack of ribs, bristling with spices. Yup. Ribs above the fridge. WTF?  Well. This. We again have a creature capable of looking our meat eye-to-eye when it’s sitting on a table of non -large-breed-scale. We already lost a tenderloin […]

The Dying Gaul

I’ve been the the National Gallery of Art several times since the holidays. Every time, I’ve stopped to marvel at The Dying Gaul in the rotunda of the West Building. This morning, the Wall Street Journal ran a piece by Catesby Leigh on the sculpture that helps verbalize the visceral sense I had of why […]

Sailing to Byzantium

The National Gallery of Art stepped up to help me figure out what to do with my first free Thursday afternoon in a long time. A pair of scheduled gallery talks seemed a perfect way to decompress. A young woman from the museum led a gallery tour of Augustus Saint Gaudens’ Shaw Memorial. I’d already […]

Metropolis art …

I stumbled across German photographer Michael Wolf‘s photography this morning. Fascinating stuff. He uses mega cities as a concrete palette, mixing the colors, geometries and human faces of urban life into images that vibrate tensely between order and chaos. I particularly liked Architecture of Density and Tokyo Compression … Thanks to Slate for pointing me Wolf’s […]

Huichol VWs, Thomas Jefferson and a perfect spring day

Lara and I took advantage of an amazing spring day to walk the National Mall. We started at the MLK monument with no specific agenda, but we managed to see the Jefferson Memorial, a Huichol bead VW at the Museum of the American Indian and the Picasso sketches exhibit at the National Gallery of Art. […]