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WTF is that atop the refrigerator?

That silver tray. Next to the fabulous Ricardo Cate’ artwork.

A closer look reveals … a beatific rack of ribs, bristling with spices.

Yup. Ribs above the fridge. WTF?

 Well. This.

We again have a creature capable of looking our meat eye-to-eye when it’s sitting on a table of non -large-breed-scale. We already lost a tenderloin to this magnificent beast. Never again.

 Now we stash the good stuff real high.

Assorted Bob Dog Bob

Big dog, big fan

As the temperatures rise, it didn’t take Sunshine long to figure out how to stay cool …

Dog Bob

Sunshine wearing shades during laser treatment …

When we adopted Sunshine, we were told she was getting laser treatments to help with her aging hips and joints. I’d never heard of this, but after doing a bit of research decided to continue with it. The first treatment definitely made a difference. It put a little spring in her step. And she got to wear these cool SUNglasses.

Sunshine at the vet during laser treatments.
Sunshine at the vet during laser treatments.