Sunny mornings and smooth sailing

It’s great having a dog again. Since Sunny, our great Pyrenees rescue, joined the family about 6 months ago, I’ve realized how much I missed having a dog, especially the morning walks. I bolt out of bed at 6:30 pretty much every morning; Sunny lumbers out of the bedroom about 30-60 minutes later and goes […]

WTF is that atop the refrigerator?

That silver tray. Next to the fabulous Ricardo Cate’ artwork. A closer look reveals … a beatific rack of ribs, bristling with spices. Yup. Ribs above the fridge. WTF?  Well. This. We again have a creature capable of looking our meat eye-to-eye when it’s sitting on a table of non -large-breed-scale. We already lost a tenderloin […]