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Men with insight, men in granite …

You are navigating a post-apocalyptic world. Suddenly, you stumble on something as terrifying and revelatory as Charlton Heston’s discovery at the end of Planet of the Apes.

A giant, bronze statue of Bob Benz with the epitaph: Bob is so Great.

This could happen. If I donate $750 to “The Silent City,” a film that’s trying to bootstrap itself with contributions from potential fans. They’re offering incentives for various levels of investment. All it takes to get giant, bronze Bob Benz in the movie is $750. A small price to pay, and the film preview definitely piques my curiosity.

The fund-raising strategy is fascinating. Not sure if it will work, though. At this writing, they have only $562 of the $10k they’re chasing. But there still are 26 fund-raising days to go before they throw in the towel. And the post-apocalyptic world just wouldn’t be the same with out a giant bronze Bob Benz …


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Fixing a Nook Simple Touch’s wireless connection

Lara chews through several books a week and loves her Nook. She was broken-hearted when it suddenly refused to join our wireless network (appropriately named Spiney).

I Googled around a bit and found the solution to the problem here. It’s a bit complicated, but I decided to post it to help anyone who might have a similar problem.

Because the answer is buried in a long thread, I’ve copied and pasted it below:

Begin copy/paste …

Re: updated to 1.1.0 now wireless will not connect

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a month ago – last edited a month ago

Yep, I absolutely detest this router. Since FiOS doesn’t have the tennis channel anymore, we might switch to satellite, and then I’ll be able to use any router I want after they run CAT5 for us.


Fortunately however, after some googling, I’ve found out how to assign a static IP to the nook in the Actointec, and this fixes it! (I hope for good this time!!!)


1. Log in to your POS ActionTec router. (For Verizon, at least, the default username is admin and the default pwd is password1, but I suggest you change these post-haste.)

2. Click the ‘Advanced’ tab, and then click ‘Yes’ to get through that stupid warning.

3. In the lower-right box labeled ‘IP’ in the Advanced panel, click on ‘IP Address Distribution’.

4. Now, you should see a table labeled (wouldn’tchaknowit) ‘IP Address Distribution’, with one item in it, ‘Network (Home/Office)’, with an IP range of This is a comically large range for a home router, and allows for no static IPs that don’t cause conflicts. However, when I decided to reduce the range and assign the Nook an IP outside of it, it would not work (of course). So we’re not gonna bother messing around with this, but it’s probably a good idea to lower the range to a smaller number. Roustabout, other network ppl, care to chime in?

5. Now, below the table, click ‘Connection List’. Now what should pop up is a list of all of your clients, which right now are all dynamic IPs assigned by DHCP.

6. Click the ‘New Static Connection’ link at the last line of the Connection List table. You’ll be at a new page labeled Connection List settings, that’ll ask you for a Host Name, IP Address, and MAC Address.

7. Enter whatever you’d like for the hostname, and an IP address that starts with ‘192.168.1’, as long as it’s outside the range 100-150 (reserved for set-top boxes).

8. Enter your nook’s MAC address. If you don’t already know it, go to Settings >> Device Info >> About Your Nook, and it’ll be on the last row.

9. Click apply.

10. Turn wireless on on your Nook, and enter any security information required to connect to your network. If you’re lucky, you should be done!

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‘My alphabetizing skills might be lacking, but I ain’t stupid’

I love reading crime stories. Especially tales like this gem that features country music, a Super Walmart and a large man in overalls.

I only wish Jerry Reed were still with us to turn this into pure poetry. Like it deserves.

(Of course, the only thing I like better than crime stories is great satire. Make sure you click around a bit while you’re visiting the Country California site. Very nice.)