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Men with insight, men in granite …

You are navigating a post-apocalyptic world. Suddenly, you stumble on something as terrifying and revelatory as Charlton Heston’s discovery at the end of Planet of the Apes.

A giant, bronze statue of Bob Benz with the epitaph: Bob is so Great.

This could happen. If I donate $750 to “The Silent City,” a film that’s trying to bootstrap itself with contributions from potential fans. They’re offering incentives for various levels of investment. All it takes to get giant, bronze Bob Benz in the movie is $750. A small price to pay, and the film preview definitely piques my curiosity.

The fund-raising strategy is fascinating. Not sure if it will work, though. At this writing, they have only $562 of the $10k they’re chasing. But there still are 26 fund-raising days to go before they throw in the towel. And the post-apocalyptic world just wouldn’t be the same with out a giant bronze Bob Benz …


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30 days of the Dead

It’s the Day of the Dead (Dia de los Muertos), but the folks at are expanding the holiday to fill the entire month via “30 Days of the Dead.”

Every day this month, is offering a new song to download free. Most are soundboard recordings that never have been officially released. I’m listing to a nice version of “New Speedway Boogie” that I just downloaded. Can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. I guess it won’t be the first time the Dead have feasted on my brain …

Via Jambase.

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Getting back to zombie basics

Slate’s Tim Cavanaugh comes out firmly in favor of a fundamentalist approach to zombies in his review of IFC’s Dead Set and AMC’s The Walking Dead..

I couldn’t agree more.

Cavanaugh argues that zombie films have shuffled away from some of their core values, including, most importantly, that “zombies need to chow down on raw human flesh.”

And the more gruesome the munchies, the better.

Quoting Cavanaugh:

“I realize that few will concur in my opinion that recent films such as Zombieland, Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead remake, Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later, and George A. Romero’s Diary of the Dead were not bloody enough. But none of these movies featured what Romero calls “the banquet,” the scene wherein flesh-eating zombies, having won control of the battlefield, eat with relish the inner organs of the living. True zombiephiles won’t be satisfied with a few fingers or a severed lower leg. We want ribcages ripped apart, strings of intestines devoured by hungry freaks, characters we have gotten to know over the course of the movie being quartered into steaming pieces by the hunched, hungry hordes.”

Bring it.