Men with insight, men in granite …

You are navigating a post-apocalyptic world. Suddenly, you stumble on something as terrifying and revelatory as Charlton Heston’s discovery at the end of Planet of the Apes.

A giant, bronze statue of Bob Benz with the epitaph: Bob is so Great.

This could happen. If I donate $750 to “The Silent City,” a film that’s trying to bootstrap itself with contributions from potential fans. They’re offering incentives for various levels of investment. All it takes to get giant, bronze Bob Benz in the movie is $750. A small price to pay, and the film preview definitely piques my curiosity.

The fund-raising strategy is fascinating. Not sure if it will work, though. At this writing, they have only $562 of the $10k they’re chasing. But there still are 26 fund-raising days to go before they throw in the towel. And the post-apocalyptic world just wouldn’t be the same with out a giant bronze Bob Benz …


5 replies on “Men with insight, men in granite …”

  1. geez bob this could potentally turn a pg rated movie into an r rated movie just for the horror factor of seeing a giant ugly head of you. so frightning for all of the little children bob. it would scare the shit out of allmost every small child and possibly a good percentage of adults who were to see this giant ugly head

  2. It is an intriguing idea Bob, if I had $750 to throw away I’d consider it. My daughter’s current enrollment at Allegheny College prevents it, unfortunately. I hope all is well with you, dude.

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