YinzCam … it’s a ‘Burgh thing

Pittsburgh startup YinzCam is getting a little love from Mashable. Very cool idea. It gives sports fans the ability to see different angles/replays on their mobile devices while they’re at the game. The interesting stat is that when they first rolled it out at a Penguins game at the beginning of the 2009 season, 10 […]

Liberating my iTunes library

Our home had become a disconnected, cacophonous jumble of music-playing gadgets that was making me crazy (or, more accurately, crazier). We have three full stereo systems (living room, TV room, workout room), a Bose radio knockoff on the porch and an Ubuntu-driven  computer playing Internet radio  in the dining room. What I wanted: A network […]

Four Square fatigue

When Internet advertising talk turns to targeting, people start to twitch. Just consider the maelstrom Facebook walked into with its Beacon blunder. The concerns about online privacy are quite valid. It’s important to be vigilant about how your personal data are being used. The snarky PleaseRobMe.com drove this point home beautifully. But I  think it’s […]

Google’s take on the future of online display ads

Google has begun a series of blog posts laying out their “vision for online display advertising in the years ahead.” The first post, by Vice President of Product Management Susan Wojcicki, looks back at the foundation Google has built for online display ads, including the “hundreds of thousands of engineering hours” they’ve invested in the […]

Hulu turns to the ‘winfomercial’

I had insomnia last night and found myself watching “Family Guy” on Hulu at about 4 a.m. At the start of one episode, Hulu presented me with an option to see one ad at the beginning of the show, or ads throughout, as it usually does. I chose the one-shot deal. And a very strange […]

Adding RAM to a Mac Mini …

I’m toying with installing Mac server software on my Mac Mini, but I wanted to add the max RAM to it first. Not surprisingly, Steve Jobs and Co. made it as difficult as possible to do, but thanks to this tutorial I boosted my RAM to 2 GB today. It was a lot easier than […]

Suffering the Benz Top Posts

When I migrated from Movable Type to WordPress, I realized there’s a lot of crap on here. More than 600 posts over the past seven years. Someone beaming in from the Google Transporter would be hard pressed to figure out what’s going on here. So I’ve pulled together my favorite posts in a single category […]