Girl Scout cookies and freedom of the press

Freedom of the press and Girl Scout cookies

This is just odd.

Apparently, some poor, oppressed Knoxvillian can’t sell Girl Scout cookies on Craig’s List, even though hundreds of people are doing it on Ebay. Somehow, this becomes a freedom of the press issue and calls into question whether or not we really live in a free country.


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  1. The trick to selling forbidden categories like Girl Scout cookies on Craig’s List is to call them something else, like “Personal intimate massage” or “all-nude housekeeping” or “Looking for a good time.”

  2. If you think explaining that the government doesn’t own Craig’s List is hard, try explaining that the Bill of Rights doesn’t confer any rights.

  3. The Girl Scouts are all over this. My wife is the “cookie mom” for the troop, and they are very, very clear that you are NOT allowed to sell on Ebay, Craigs List, or any other such venue. You also are not permitted to sell after some artificially imposed deadline that I think has passed. It’s a marketing strategy, and I understand they are very aggressive about enforcing these rules. If someone is selling, they just haven’t been caught.

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