Girl Scout cookies and freedom of the press

This is just odd. Apparently, some poor, oppressed Knoxvillian can’t sell Girl Scout cookies on Craig’s List, even though hundreds of people are doing it on Ebay. Somehow, this becomes a freedom of the press issue and calls into question whether or not we really live in a free country. Wow.

Suffering the Benz Top Posts

When I migrated from Movable Type to WordPress, I realized there’s a lot of crap on here. More than 600 posts over the past seven years. Someone beaming in from the Google Transporter would be hard pressed to figure out what’s going on here. So I’ve pulled together my favorite posts in a single category […]

Rocky Top flashback

ut_vs_uk.jpg Originally uploaded by Suffering the Benz Wes the Kentucky boy poses as we float past Neyland Stadium on the Tennessee River heading toward Knoxville. Wes paused to reflect on his playing days at the University of Kentucky, when he got to hear Rocky Top more times than he cares to remember while playing Tennessee […]

Sunrise on Lake Loudon

sunrise_herron.jpg Originally uploaded by Suffering the Benz A blue heron soars over Lake Loudon during a sunrise boat ride this morning. We took the boat out last night and this morning and are getting much more confident driving and maneuvering it. This morning, we even took Gilligan along for the ride, and he did quite […]

Smooth sailing …

lara_boat.jpg Originally uploaded by Suffering the Benz I was starting to wonder if I’d done something to offend Poseidon, something so heinous that I’d never get our boat in the water. Today, the Greek deity smiled upon us with sunny skies and let us bring our boat home. We bought the 2003 21-foot Sea Ray […]