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Sydney is an umbrella cockatoo (he's the white bird on the cage). We bought Sydney in the fall of 1989 when he was a year old. Lara's Amazon parrot, Taco, had just died, and when we saw Syd at a bird show we had to have him. He's incredibly smart and is expert at picking all manner of latch. We have to padlock him in his cage to make sure he stays put. He also loves to get showered with the hose, which is how the rainbow photo above occurred. Also in the photo is Chaucer, an African grey that I ended up giving to a woman who runs a pet shop in Knoxville. Chaucer had an attitude and I could never really get her to the point where I wasn't worried about being bitten. Sydney, on the other hand, has never bitten me in the entire time we've had him.