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Fluffy: 1992 - 2002

Fluffy is a chow cross that we adopted when we moved into our home in Knoxville in spring 1997. At the time, we estimated she was about 5 years old. She was destined for the pound, or worse, if we hadn't found her. She was owned by a couple who divorced. Neither could take her, so a friend of theirs was watching her and trying to find a home for the poor dog. I saw a sign at a local grocery store, called the number and went by to see her. She was very sweet, though fearful. The woman was keeping her outdoors during a spring of horrendous thunderstorms, and Fluff was terrified of thunder.

Once I realized she got along well with PigPen and Crystal, Fluffy had a home. In fact, she started living with us on the day we took possession of our new home in Knoxville. She was having a tough time adjusting when we first got her, and I decided not to change her name. In retrospect, I probably should have renamed her. Fluffy just didn't seem to fit, though I'm sure it was perfect when she was a puppy. She was a very sweet dog, though she was incredibly spooky and showed some of the unpredictableness that is said to be common in chows. We'll miss her terribly. She played the role of guard dog in our pack and was incredibly faithful. Rest in peace, old girl.

Above left, Fluffy on the back deck of our house in Knoxville, Above right, sitting on the couch with Crystal.