Interface with Santa
Knoxville, TN/December 2000

Tree party invite
Here are the details on our 11th annual tree decorating party. Truly the event of the season ....

Email Santa
Send Santa your wish list and get a response from Jolly Olde St. Nick -- or an Angry Viking.

Present picker
This quiz will help you pick the perfect gift ...

Elf cam
Your chance to see what really goes on in Santa's Workshop, brought to you by the Knoxville Salmon.

A legit Santa site
Here's a "real" Santa site with a lot of great resources for kids..

Bad news, boys and girls. Santa had to "go away for a while." He was stumbling around the workshop muttering something about miscreant elves, the World Wrestling Federation and a satellite feed in his head. So, armed with a sunny disposition and holiday spirit, I've volunteered to help out. And rather than muck around with messy postage and envelopes, I've created this handy form so you can send your Christmas list to Santa. Just fill it out, click "Interface with Santa" and you'll get a response for Jolly Olde Saint Nick. Or an Angry Viking ...

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My Name Is:

But my friends call me:

My favorite South Park character is:

  Number of Tree Parties I've attended:

Email Address:

I have been ...:

Treat that will await Santa on X-mas Eve ...:

Santa, here's what I want for Christmas:

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