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Knapp Reunion

White Oak Park (near Pittsburgh, Pa.)./July 23, 2000

Chris Benz looks at family tree

Chris Benz looks at the Knapp family tree. The chart, which has been meticulously assembled by Don Knapp, stretched the length of several picnic tables. In front of Chris is a photo of his great-great-great grandfather. Chris is my nephew. My mother, Donna (Knapp) Benz, is the daughter of John and Susan Knapp, who lived on Baldridge Avenue in North Braddock. NOTE: Descriptions of the photos on the following pages are drawn from memory. If you have corrections or can identify someone in a photo who is unidentified, please email me. Also, I'd be happy to email you a copy of any of these photos. I saved higher resolution versions of all of them. These photos were downsized for display on these pages.

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