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In Memoriam

PigPen (aka Bubba)

1990 - 2002

Goodbye, my friend: It's hard to put in words what you meant to me. You were a great friend and companion, and I'll miss you more than words can describe. You'll always be our alpha dog.

PigPen, aka Bubba, was born in the spring of 1990. He was a black lab/golden retriever cross, though we've always suspected he had some Newf in him. He was the largest of 10 pups born on a ranch in Algodones, N.M. When we arrived to look at the dogs, PigPen charged out of the dust and ran right up to us. When we took him home, we were listening ot Pigpen sing on a bootleg Dead tape. That, combined with the pup's dusty nature, prompted the name PigPen. The photo above was taken from the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.

We suspected Bubba had 9 lives. During the Blue Ridge Parkway trip, he was bitten by a rattlesnake, causing the wound on his leg, above left. He also survived Rocky Mountain spotted fever and fought to the very end when he was dying of cancer.