Tired of getting left behind in the IPO frenzy that's sweeping Wall Street?

Did you miss your chance to buy Yahoo at 13 bucks a share and then watch it rocket to $220?

Here's your opportunity to cash in on the most lucrative thing to hit the Internet since pornography. As we enter our 10th year, the annual Benz/Edge Desecrate the Christmas Tree Party is going public. We have everything it takes to make it in the high-stakes world of Internet startups. We've never made a penny. We have a cool, trendy DotCom attitude. And people flock to our party each year to put strange things on the tree, eat green chile stew and be merry.

 Week of December 20, 1999
Company (Symbol) Price
AGENCY.COM LTD. (ACOM) $10 - $12 
METALINK (MTLK) $8 - $10 
PFSWEB, INC. (PFSW) $14 - $16 

We debated whether our Christmas tradition would be somehow tarnished by this crass commercialism, but when Muzak jingle bells assaulted our senses in October, we knew we had to do it.

Wall Street's already buzzing about our impending IPO (see chart). And you can be here on Saturday, Dec. 18, for this historic event. Just click here for the details. If you want more details on our IPO, check here for's company profile and financial prospectus.


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