Ozzy, 2002-2016

He was a good dog. No, really. A great dog. The last time I sat with tears soaking my keyboard like this, I was writing about the demise of Gilligan, the black-and-tan coonhound from hell. But Ozzy was different. When he was bounding toward the woods, high on whatever scent had seized his canine brain, […]

Autumn paddle on Melton Hill Lake

I took advantage of a shimmering autumn afternoon yesterday to paddle Melton Hill Lake. I put in at the dam and headed upstream, pausing to paddle up Hope Creek. Fall colors still were clinging to a few trees along the shoreline, but for the most part the woods had receded into their winter attire. This […]

Return to Melton Hill Lake

Now that I can strap my kayak to my truck, I’m striking out and paddling new places. My first trip was Fontana Lake in North Carolina. Next up was Melton Hill Lake, much closer to home. I’ve wanted to paddle Melton Hill for a while. It’s a special place to me. For years when we […]