Let’s make a deal

Cool site: I”ve been tinkering with a site called Swappington’s that works kind of like eBay, but no money is exchanges. Everything is based on barter. You put items on there, decide how many “points” you want for the item and wait for someone to make an offer. If you accept they offer, they transfer their points to you and you ship the item. YOu can them buy items.

The only glitch seems to be getting started. You can’t buy anything until you’ve traded anything into the system. I’ve had a few items on there for a couple weeks with no takers, and I’m wondering if other people are having the same problem. I’m going to try adding a few new items this week to see if I can get some points. It’s really a pretty cool idea for folks who prefer to trade stuff instead of getting money for it …

Some of the swappers are pretty damn funny.

Ashes to ashes . . .

Monday 2/17

One of the reasons I came out to New Mexico was to bring home my old buddy Bubba. Lara and I got Bubba, aka PigPen, in Algodones New Mexico, and some of my fondest times spent with him were desert hikes in the Jemez Mountains and the Sandia Foothills. When he died last January, I vowed to bring his ashes back to New Mexico.

After hiking through Bandelier for most of the day, I drove back into Jemez Springs and toward Jemez pueblo. Before you get to the pueblo, there are a series of small parks that give access to the Jemez River. When Lara and I used to bring the dogs up here, this was one of the places we

The death of Junkie John . . .

Sunday 2/16

I found out today that Junkie John is dead.

I guess that really shouldn’t be a surprise. But I still find it disturbing. John and Steve were our next door neighbors in Albuquerque. Each roamed the city with a conure on his shoulder. Steve’s was a Jenday/Sun cross that he called, appropriately enough, Sunday. John’s conure was a greencheek. The shrill screams of those birds announced John and Steve everywhere they went.

During the First Gulf War (I’m assuming the second is slouching toward reality),


Sunday 2/16

The desert still amazes me. After I arrived in Albuquerque, I was breathless with the dry brown vastness of the land all around me. The sky and sand met in a dusty blue haze on the horizon as I drove down to Belen to hook up with my old buddy Jose. He