On moonshine and serpents …

I’m not sure what I expected, but it wasn’t this. The Rev. Jimmy Morrow was approachable. Kind. Sincere. A small group gathered around him at the opening of the Vanishing Appalachia exhibit today while Morrow talked about everything from local history to, well, snake handling. Or more correctly, serpent handling. I guess what I really […]

Server migration turns up lost gems

While I was migrating to new servers, I realized I have a lot of stuff buried on my server that predates my blogging days. Much of it was created with an image program called Arles. Previously, I was linking to much of this from the left rail of my page, but it really didn’t do […]

I’m leaving KnoxVegas …

After 12 great years in Tennessee, Lara and I are packing up and leaving Knoxville to move to Las Vegas. Why? Mainly because I’ve landed a job with Greenspun Corp. that was too great an opportunity to pass up. I’ll be working as executive vice president of Greenspun Media Group, which includes their interactive division […]

Meet a mule skinner

Tom Jester passed along this photo of Arthur Bullington, a mule skinner in Cocke County, Tennessee. I’m assuming the photo is by photographer Don Dudenbostel, whose work never fails to stop me in my tracks. This is yet another example of the way Tom and Don are documenting disappearing Appalachian lifestyles. They also knew and […]