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Huichol VWs, Thomas Jefferson and a perfect spring day

Lara and I took advantage of an amazing spring day to walk the National Mall. We started at the MLK monument with no specific agenda, but we managed to see the Jefferson Memorial, a Huichol bead VW at the Museum of the American Indian and the Picasso sketches exhibit at the National Gallery of Art.

Not a bad stroll, all in all. And another reason it’s great to live in D.C.

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A Capitol day

Capitol by Suffering the Benz
Capitol, a photo by Suffering the Benz on Flickr.

Lara and I spent Saturday exploring museums. First, we hit the Gauguin exhibit that’s at the National Gallery of Art. Great stuff. We also drifted through a nice exhibit of Gabriel Metsu’s work. I wasn’t really familiar with the 17th century Dutch painter. I also spent some time in the Tower checking out Nam June Paik’s video-fueled work. He definitely got the impact multimedia would have on art and society.

My favorite piece, though, was part of the permanent collection: Francis Bacon’s Study for a Running Dog.

After that, we tried some Filipino food at a booth at the National Asian Heritage Festival (that’s the festival in the photo, leading up to the Capitol).

And finally, we hit the Newseum in honor of our dear, departed friend Barb. (The accompanying photo was taken from the deck of the Newseum.) Our friends were holding a memorial for Barb in Albuquerque as we toured the tribute to journalism. It seemed appropriate, but I have to admit I teared up a bit when I got to the gift shop and saw several cool post cards that would have been perfect to send to Barb. I almost bought one and sent it to her old address anyway …