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Incredible HDR view of D.C.

I’ve dabbled a bit with HDR photography and can’t even begin to imagine how much work Drew Geraci did to create this stunning time-lapse HDR tour of the District. Great stuff. Enjoy.

District 1.5 : HDR Time-lapse from Drew Geraci on Vimeo.

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The K Street shuffle

My office is at 15th and K in DC, just a few blocks from the White House. At lunchtime, I often wade out among the wonks, lobbyists, power brokers, homeless, hucksters and federal cogs in search of food.

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While I was returning from a Korean food truck yesterday clutching my veggie bibimbap and listening to my colleague prattle on about server loads and memcache settings, I spotted my favorite DC wildlife: a family of tourists — mom, dad, son and daughter — walking in wide-eyed wonder, clutching maps, seeking the next spectacular site the nation’s capital has to offer.

It made me pause to think about how lucky I am to live here. Then I ate my bibimbap.


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What’s going on

What's going on by Suffering the Benz
What’s going on, a photo by Suffering the Benz on Flickr.

After dinner at Marvin at 14th and U, Lara and I ascended to the upstairs bar, where we had a few drinks and watched Friday night unfurl on the street below.

Marvin is a culinary tribute to the two years DC’s Marvin Gaye spent in Belgium. I had the country-fried chicken and waffles over collard greens. Awesome.

Friday nights have become a DC tradition with me and Lara. It’s our date night. She picks a different restaurant each week, where we meet to eat and unwind. It definitely gives me something to look forward to during the weekday grind.