Imagine a world with no Macbeth

The New York Times recently had a good story on the Folger Library’s “Fame, Fortune & Theft: The Shakespeare First Folio.” In addition to prompting me to add the exhibit to my to-do list, the story made my head spin with the following paragraph: “If it weren’t for the First Folio, there would be no […]

A kayak made of poetry

In a New York Times obituary of George Hitchcock, the founder of Kayak poetry magazine, it noted the publication carried the following motto in every issue: “A kayak is not a galleon, ark, coracle or speedboat. It is a small watertight vessel operated by a single oarsman. It is submersible, has sharply pointed ends, and […]

Too much information …

In a recent post about “FourSquare Fatigue,” I noted the generational difference in the way people view online privacy. The New York Times had an interesting piece on Friday that digs into the issue more deeply. While privacy advocates bemoan that many users don’t consider how the information they’re sharing could be “used and exploited […]