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Do you own a small dog?

Mully, the small dog.To my chagrin, I do. That’s why I thought it odd when several messages were left on our phone. The messages went something like this and came from a “wireless” number:

“Survey 2010. Do you own a small dog?”

Then silence as they awaited an answer, not knowing it was voice mail.

So the next time it rang, I picked up and enthusiastically said, “Yes, yes I do own a small dog.” I wanted to talk about my little Mullikins. To tell them what a fine small dog he is. And to figure out what their scam was.

But the line went dead after I answered. Maybe Mully wasn’t good enough.

Or maybe I shouldn’t have answered at all. The Consumerist postulates it’s a ruse to get a recording of you saying “yes” to something so the scammer can use it to prove you authorized something else.

So if you get a call like this, keep your small dog to yourself and refuse to share this secret information. Me? I’m waiting to see what the scammer will saddle me with based on a recording of me enthusiastically saying “Yes, yes I do own a small dog …”