Dog days in Crested Butte

gunther.jpg Originally uploaded by Suffering the Benz I went to the land of the Mountain Hippie last week and learned the ZenDog ways of Crested Butte. During a cold, early morning hike on a trail in the shadow of Mt. Crested Butte, I saw some sort of cattle-dog cross maniacally yapping and circling a mountain […]

The cove …

As it gets warmer, I’ve been spending a lot more time down on the dock, smoking a cigar and watching the dogs froth and churn in the water. That’s where I found myself several nights ago, under a brilliant waxing moon in weather so warm the fish were popping all around me like bubbles in […]

The green fairy

Lit Kicks features an informative post by Michael Norris on absinthe, including this description of the feeling it brings on: “I began to experience a nice, mellow buzz. Unlike whiskey, which tends to dull the senses, absinthe brings about a clarity of mind that is unusual in an alcoholic beverage. I didn

Aspen solitude

aspens.jpg Originally uploaded by Suffering the Benz Business travel normally sucks, but last week we held a retreat in Utah, not far from Park City. It was a great trip and gave me a chance to tromp around in the mountains a bit. I’d forgotten how completely, utterly sublime a stand of swaying aspens can […]

The Ruined Cottage

hardin_house5.jpg Originally uploaded by Suffering the Benz I’ve been driving past this burned down house for a few weeks now, and it dawned on me that this would make a nice HDR photo set. So I took my camera there around sunset and snapped a series of photos. The house was donated to the fire […]