Time to desecrate the tree …

ornamentAnd so it begins. The first ornament of 2013 arrived in the mail today. It had a Missoula return address. Didn’t the Unabomber live thereabouts?

There’s back story here. John Baker visited D.C. earlier this year, and we went to see the amazing, vicious Ike Reilly live at a house concert in Tacoma Park. Incredible show. During which, Baker and Dave “The Instigator” Shaffer encouraged Lara to shout out a request for Ike.

“Play Sweet Jane!” she chirped, an allusion to an inside joke involving me, The Instigator, tequila and every version of Lou Reed’s Sweet Jane that we could find  in our iTunes collection one strange night in rural Virginia.

Ike responded with two or three notes, a taste of Sweet Jane,  and then a profanity-laced scolding of poor unsuspecting Lara. Ike had no desire to play covers. Not even a tune by the soon-to-be-no-longer-with-us Lou. And he made that clear to giggling Lara in no uncertain terms.

Leading to this ornament. That’s Ike on the left. Scowling. That’s Lara, his worthy nemesis, on the right. Happy go lucky.

We will never forget that fateful May night when Ike when apeshit on Lara. Tomorrow, we’ll tie one on the Christmas tree for the 24th consecutive year. Tis the season, y’all …