Pierogies at Domku

Pierogies at Domku by Suffering the Benz
Pierogies at Domku, a photo by Suffering the Benz on Flickr.

Lara and I have been wanting to check out Domku in the Petworth neighborhood of D.C. for a while. Last night, we gave it a shot.

In short, we enjoyed. It’s a great, comfortable space and the cuisine is a quirky mix of Slavic and Scandinavian. I ordered the pierogies. They were good, but I’m used to eating them smothered in butter and onion. Here they’re served with sour cream. Lara went for the Swedish meatballs. Also good. The Brussels sprouts were awesome and we also enjoyed the tomatoes and feta appetizer.

The best discovery, though was the aquavits — vodka infused with various cool herbs. The red chile aquavits rocked.

Despite Prince of Petworth blog commenters’ criticisms about service, we thought the service was great. Definitely not fast food, but that’s not what we were after.