Of Walking In Ice … from Berlin to Paris via Athens (Ohio)

I’m wading through a dreary winter rain, bound for Paris with Werner Herzog. Today dripped into existence more than dawned. From the cabin window, I watch water course through the diamond-patterned bark of a nearby ash that’s slowly succumbing to boring insects. More distant trees are a jumble of twigs floating in a cloud crowning […]

‘An Elephant Sitting Still’

I’ve been dabbling in Chinese cinema recently, with mixed results. I swung and missed with the Flowers of War, ostensibly about the Rape of Nanking, a topic that I’ve read about extensively, but it turned out to be a variation on the hookers-with-a-heart-of-gold film mashed up with an American action picture (though the lone Chinese […]

Keeping my cockatoo warm …

With the temps dipping into the teens recently, I’ve been closing off the back porch at night and pulling Sydney inside since the woodstove doesn’t do a great job of heating that space. So we’ve been spending our mornings up close and personal, which means we’re watching parrot videos on YouTube and having breakfast together […]

Birdsongs as sweet as the sound of a chainsaw …

I’ve been listening to an audiobook version of “The Bird Way” by Jennifer Ackerman and she was discussing the incredible vocalizations of lyrebirds, prompting me to Google around so I could hear what she was talking about. That’s how I came across this example. Wow. This is the coolest 2 minutes and 54 seconds you’ll […]