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Where in the world is Sydney the Cockatoo …

Can you spot the invasive species in this beech tree? It’s the umbrella cockatoo (Cacatua alba), also known as Sydney the escapee. His flight feathers came in, allowing him to soar off into the forest when Althea made a run at him last Sunday. He landed in a beech tree in a steep, difficult to access part of the forest, and he spent the night there. I finally managed to retrieve him the next morning. At some point during the night, he’d moved to a smaller tree, a young sugar maple, and I followed him as he went to a succession of small maples, eventually ending up on the forest floor. He was shivering in fear when I finally retrieved him and I think he was glad to view the forest through a large glass window again after his night on the lam …
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Recent woodland rambles …

Photos from my foraging expeditions. Big rain revved up the forest and got the mycelium running and fruiting, though it still hasn’t been as lush as the riot of chanterelles that erupted earlier this summer …

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A few photos from a fading 2019

Gorgeous sunset the night after solstice, raging at the base of the Alpha Oak. Still my favorite tree on the place.
Not far from Dove Cottage, shortly after daybreak.
Black Walnut on Peach Ridge Road.
I wish I could have photographed this in 360. I love the way the trunk of this Sycamore split in two parts that then curve together toward the sky. Taken at the Ridges during a walk with Sunny.
Sunshine ascends the driveway after her morning ramble.