Perros de Peru

Hairless Dog Originally uploaded by Suffering the Benz. While I was traveling in Peru, I was astounded by the number of dogs I saw. Perhaps even more astounded by the fact that most of them were in pretty good shape, even the ones that obviously were strays. Peruvians apparently love their dogs, and that’s just […]

Basset hound savior

Leanne made an appearance on a local TV program called Style to promote her basset rescue group. Even though I’m still tweaked that the TV geeks can’t spell basset, I’d urge you to check it out. Or better yet, help Leanne in her efforts to save these noble critters. (I particularly recommend you take a […]

The happy hound

gilligan.jpg Originally uploaded by Suffering the Benz. Gilligan waits impatiently in the truck while I gas up after taking the pack to the lake this morning. It was another incredible, crisp morning with a dusting of snow on the trails. As we walked into the rising sun, thousands of tiny sparkling snow flecks danced around […]

Best in show …

A Portland art gallery celebrated the Westminster Dog Show with its own take on canines, asking artists to do their interpretations of various breeds in what it is calling the Wurstminster Dog Show. I liked Driscoll Reid’s Newfoundland so much that I purchased it. And I almost bought a really, really strange take on the […]

Foxy frosty morning

As we pulled into the park this morning, my headlines caught a fox trotting across the hoary grass. The dogs started bouncing around in the truck while I slowed to watch. He was big with a magnificent tail held high in the 17-degree air. After casting a quick look at me, he continued on with […]

Haunted hike …

Xena and I were lumbering behind the hounds this morning when I heard a preternatural wailing rise among the cawing and honking sounds that welcome sunrise. At first, I thought it was just me. But Xena had stopped dead in her tracks and was looking in the same direction. I was trying to figure out […]