The only way to shop …

limo.jpg Originally uploaded by Suffering the Benz. Lara and the Benz Women pose with their bounty on the Day After Thanksgiving. They rented a limo to help them terrorize the stores and merchants of Knoxville, to considerable success.

Photo of the year vote

Time is allowing readers to vote for photo of the year, and they’re including a really moving shot from the Rocky Mountain News called “Heading Home.” It’s a photo of a soldier’s coffin being unloaded from a commercial jet. You can see the jet’s passengers watching from the plane’s windows. The look on their faces […]

Only in New Orleans

This, from an AP story about hurricane preparations in New Orleans: “We’re choosing the best of two evils,” said Bryan Steven. “It’s either be stuck in the hotel or stuck on the road. … We’ll make it through it.” His wife, wearing a Bourbon Street T-shirt with a lewd message, interjected: “I just don’t want […]

My living will

I realize this probably won’t hold up in court, but it still serves as a public declaration to everyone who knows me that I don’t want to be kept on life support when it makes no sense to do so. The moral here: If in doubt, pull the plug. This crap in Florida really freaked […]