Beautiful music

Just stumbled across A Meeting by the River by Ry Cooder and U. M Bhatt. It’s one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve encountered since Michael Blake’s Elevated. Definitely worth a listen. Not claiming either of these works is new. Just new to me. And worth a listen if you’re looking for something […]

Jagger fires back at Richards

Mick’s reaction to Keith’s recent autobiography is surprisingly lucid and makes you stop to consider the other side of the Stones’ story. Particularly interesting, I think, is Jagger’s brutally honest (and accurate) assessment of the Stones’ creative decline. He also does a good job of explaining why he played the bad guy, the one who […]

Liberating my iTunes library

Our home had become a disconnected, cacophonous jumble of music-playing gadgets that was making me crazy (or, more accurately, crazier). We have three full stereo systems (living room, TV room, workout room), a Bose radio knockoff on the porch and an Ubuntu-driven¬† computer playing Internet radio¬† in the dining room. What I wanted: A network […]