Assorted Bob Leaf Litter

Game cam confidential

I set up my game cam in the north hollow a few weeks ago and was eager to retrieve the images on it. Overall, disappointment. Lots of squirrels. A few interesting canine type critters. Raccoons. And my favorite of the bunch: a wild turkey.

The mystery ear …
A dog or maybe a coyote gets up close and personal with the camera.
Raccoon …
Raccoon encore.
After almost two weeks in north hollow, this is the only deer image on the camera. Very surprising given the number of deer I see in that area.
Assorted Bob Leaf Litter

Leaf Litter: My first morel of the season

Found this guy while walking Sunny near Dove Cottage. Then I found another. I think I know what I’ll be doing this weekend …
Dog Bob Leaf Litter

Leaf Litter: I can’t stop watching Stella the diving dog …

My favorite jumps are the ones where the only thing visible afterward is her tail wagging among the leaves …