Happy Bloomsday

Almost forgot that today is Bloomsday, and the 100th anniversary at that. Google did a neat Joyce thingy with its logo. Check it out, or if it’s already gone, you can see it here.

I’d hoped to get through Ulysses by now, but I’m still slogging away. I got about half-way through and started getting sidetracked by other books (most recently, Cormac McCarthy’s “Blood Meridian,” which is awesome.) For some reason, Joyce is a cold weather read for me. I really need to finish it, though. I’m getting a lot more out of it this time through. The first time left me mostly bewildered. Now it’s all coming together, thanks to Harry Blamires’ The New Bloomsday Book.

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The epistolary novel goes 21st century

This is very interesting. Haven’t had a chance to really look it over yet, but it mirrors something I was toying with attempting for the Homestead novel I’m kicking around.

I’ve signed up to be a beta tester. Hope the pick me …

And speaking of things literary, heard an NPR interview with Pulitzer winner Franz Wright yesterday. His father is James Wright, one of my favorite poets. The selections they read from Franz’s “Walking to Martha’s Vineyard” were really powerful. So much so that I jumped over to Powell’s and ordered a copy.

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Haiku dojo …

Long time no post. Too much life clouding my creativity, I guess.

This one is worth the wait. Glenbot has launched the Haiku Dojo. Very cool. My favorite so far:

my random thoughts knock
like pebbles on your windshield
tossed by a dump truck

Go Glenbot …