Smooth sailing …


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I was starting to wonder if I’d done something to offend Poseidon, something so heinous that I’d never get our boat in the water.

Today, the Greek deity smiled upon us with sunny skies and let us bring our boat home.

We bought the 2003 21-foot Sea Ray bowrider more than a month ago, but it sat over at Choto Marina while we ran a gantlet before getting it into the water.

First, it took weeks to get a lift put in our dock. The guy who eventually did the job hurt his back, which accounted for much of the delay. While he was putting it in, we had problems with the electrical setup that required the electrician to return to replace a faulty GFI.

Then we had a lift. All we needed was to get the boat over here. The weather fended us off for more than a week, throwing wind and rain at us every time we planned to meet the boat salesman for our first lesson.

But today it all came together. Salesman Justin showed us the basics of operating it and we took it out for a spin, even stopping by Tom and Jenny’s a few coves over from ours to show off our new toy.

We still haven’t tried putting the dogs aboard yet. That should be interesting. But this summer should be a blast. Give a shout if you’re in the neighborhood and we’ll take it out. With any luck, it won’t turn into the Poseidon Adventure …

More photos here.

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