Spring scene


Originally uploaded by Suffering the Benz

The other morning as I was dealing with the dogs and feeding the angry, vindictive cockatoo, I noticed the cove was blazing in a spring sunrise. So I grabbed my camera and blasted off a few HDR shots to see what I’d come up with. This is a view of the stairs leading down to the dock. In a few more weeks, you’ll barely be able to see the water.

I’ve been doing a little fishing off the dock, catching mostly small bluegills, one tiny bass (smallmouth, I think) and a catfish. Xena was particularly interested in the catfish.

I can’t wait for it to get warm enough to swim in the cove. We’ve bought a boat to put in the dock. Just need a lift now. The water is up, but apparently winter is going to slap us upside the head one more time this week …