Who’s yer dog’s daddy?

I came across a cool service in one of the dog magazines I read. For $65, Metamorphix claims it can run a DNA test that will reveal your dog’s breed composition. It apparently uses a cheek swab to sniff out the dog’s heritage from among 38 breeds. I’ve always been curious about Ozzy’s 57 varieties, and I’m thinking about giving it a shot. Even if this will only find 38 …

2 replies on “Who’s yer dog’s daddy?”

  1. Ooh, this sets off the potential for an entirely new field of litigation: Dog breed purity.

    Say someone buys a Newf pup and pays top dollar. The pup hits 10 months old and the owner decides its coat looks more like a flat-coat retriever than a Newf. He does the Tufts cheek swab and finds out his dog has a unusually high percentage of something other than Newf. He sues the breeder. The new area of law is going to be figuring out when a purebreed (which is just an AKC-regulated brew of breeds) has too much of one breed. When is a basset too beagle-y? When is a Samoyed too Husky-ish?

    And does any of it matter, because at the genetic level, all dogs are pretty much the same, as the Say Uncle noted.

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