Sitcom Christmas: Beverly Hillbillies (Direct Hit II)

Sitcom: Beverly Hillbillies

Episode: Home for Christmas

Year: 1962

Story line: The Clampetts fly home for Christmas.

Details: Tivo finally pulled in the one I was after originally. Good metadata. Good. And overall, this was a good episode, particularly for the completely corny black-and-white glory that was the early Hillbillies. The entire plane scene, where the Hillbillies think they’re on some sort of fancy bus, is a sad look back at the regal experience air travel used to be. Those days are long gone. Also, this episode features Jethrine, Jethro’s sister (really just Jethro in drag … you gotta see it to believe it). Basically, the Clampetts survive their flight and return home, where Jethro’s mom, Aunt Pearl, is trying to woo the oil company executive, Mr. Brewster. Shiftless Homer Winch is trying to woo Aunt Pearl and Granny. A lascivious Miss Jane warns the flight attendants away from Jethro. And all works out in the end. Well, doggies. That’s slicker ‘en possum shit.

Nipple ripple: No exposure. But damn. Donna Douglas was one fine Hillbilly. She can swim in my cement pond and play with my critters anytime.

Killer quote: “Wew doggies. This is a fancy bus.” Jed as he and the rest of the clan wait to take off in an airplane.

Ebenezer alert: The easy answer here always is Mr. Drysdale, but he’s relatively laid back in this episode. We’ll give him the nod by default, just cause he’s there. Homer Winch is pretty creepy, but he’s not really in Ebenezer mode. He’s just chasing old ladies.

Childhood memory: I was a Hillbillies junky as a kid, watching them mostly in reruns. My father often referred to me as Jethro, and I still identify strongly with Jethro’s mathematical prowess: “One times naught is naught … two times naught is naught … three times naught is naught …

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