God on the wings of geese …

So I’m doing my usual Saturday morning walk with Xena and Ozzy at Melton Hill Park, but it just isn’t working.

Usually, this clears my head, purges work problems and exorcises all those demons that chase me during the week. But no matter how hard I try to move on, my mind keeps cramping with clutter, swollen with technical impotence and my inability to get anything done. Servers and code and content management systems clutter my consciousness.

And suddenly, I hear honking. Four geese fly into the rising sun, gracefully following the contour of the Clinch River as it flows into Melton Hill Lake.


Honk … honk … honk.



I stop.

The dogs stop.

No panting. No crunching frozen grass. No honking

The only sound is the Earth gently inhaling a new day as the geese stream into the horizon.

I am of the moment. All else disappears.

So this is Zen …