Shakin’ the tree …

I know I say this every year, but this year’s tree party was the best ever. We had attendees from San Antonio, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg (that’s in Pennsyltucky, you know), Virginia and KnoxVegas descend on our evergreen. The hit of the party, though, was Knoxville’s own Sara Schwabe and her Yankee Jass Band.

Words really can’t describe the mayhem that resulted.

We had trolls.

We had LBJ.

And we had a hell of a good time. Pictures don’t lie.

If you want a little taste of what was going on, check out this video clip. (Quicktime, 2.7MB)

We also had some insanely cool ornaments, ranging from Red Bull in all its frenetic beauty to flu shots to a cheese sandwich with an image of Jesus on it. We also had the ghost of Christmas past, compliments of my favorite ghost hunter.

I can’t wait for next year …

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