Dancing Bob …

Lots of travel during the past week or so. I flew out to San Diego for a conference, where one night found me with a cigar in one hand and a Maker’s Mark in the other while I was dancing the way only a drunken white boy can dance. Not a pretty sight.

Drove from San Diego to Ventura after the conference and skated through L.A. with hardly any traffic grief. That was nice. Then I got a first class upgrade on the way back to Knoxville. Very cool.

After a brief night back in Knoxvegas, Lara and I flew up to Chicago to see Buddy Guy at his Legends club. It was incredible. And once again, Dancing Bob was unleashed on the unsuspecting masses. It amazes me how all those folks can stand stockstill while Buddy is wailing the blues.

Perhaps the coolest part of the weekend was the return home. We stepped into a blustery Chicago morning looking for a cab and stumbled into a limo that agreed to take us to O’Hare for the same price as a cab. The driver turned out to be a blues harp player who was pretty impressed when he found out we’d flown in to see Buddy Guy. We were talking about the blues, and he whipped out a harp and blew a few notes to explain what a diatonic harmonica is. When I asked who his favorite harp player is, he said Howard Levy . I’ll have to give him a listen.

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  1. that’s very cool that you went to see buddy guy. ‘definitely a legend.

    i’ve seen howard levy in concert with bela fleck. ‘very memorable… i was quite bummed that he wasn’t with the band the next time that they came around. check out the folks that levy has played with and that tells you something about his talent. these folks don’t hire slouches: bryan bowers, david bromberg, bela fleck, steve goodman, john mccutcheon, tom paxton, john prine, pete seeger, trapezoid…

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