Big Green Eggs and Apples

I have two new toys in my playpen.

The first is the Big Green Egg.

It’s a very cool charcoal grill/smoker. I’ve been playing with it non-stop for about a week and am totally impressed. When I first started reading about it, I thought there was a lot of hype infused in the descriptions and that this humble egg couldn’t possible live up to egg-spectations. It has. And more. The natural charcoal lasts a long time, as promised, And meat tends to emerge from the grill with egg-squisite moistness (OK. I’ll stop talking like Vincent Price/Egghead in a Batman episode.)

— The second toy is a Mac G4 Powerbook. We have a Dell laptop and docking station that we were using for our home computer. But it just wasn’t fun to use. I’ve been hearing so much about OS X that I decided to give it a whirl. So far, I’m impressed. Mac isn’t the promised land. I’ve spent more than a few hours hooking things up and getting my Airport wireless connection to work with the PCs in our house and, most importantly, with Tivo. But now we’re turning the corner. I remember the first time I saw a Mac. It was in the art department at the Birmingham Post-Herald in 1986 or ’87. I think it was a Mac SE. And we were mesmerized by it as our staff artist put it through its paces. At the time, I was using an Amstrad word processor at home. The Mac really impressed me, and by the time we moved to Albuquerque, I bought the first of two or three Macs that I owned before jumping to PC, mostly to be compatible with the rest of the world. The G4 is very cool on the compatibility front. Most of the setup problems I’ve been having are related to the PCs. OS X is fast and user friendly, as advertised. We got the 12-inch PowerBook and a 20 inch cinema display. Que bonita.

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  1. Lookin’ pretty svelte, there, Bob.

    By the way, 60 pounds would not equal one-half of a Backstreet Boy. I’ve seen them up close and they are fairly meaty, particularly Kevin, the one nearing 40. The PR person at the Albuquerque amphitheater where they played two years ago says they have a clause in their contract requiring piles of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches be placed in their dressing room. It’s for them, not their 11-year-old fans who might sneak in.

    It would, however, equal more than half the weight of anyone in Jane’s Addiction. Perry Ferrell and Dave Navarro are my height, 20 pounds lighter. (I’m 5’1″, 110 pounds for anyone reading this who has no idea who I am or what I look like.) Backstage at Lollapalooza this summer, they looked like elves in eyeliner and spandex.

  2. I know. This completely bursts my bubble. Somehow, half a member of Jane’s Addiction just isn’t the same as half a Backstreet Boy. Guess I have to lose more weight … or send someone to steal all those peanut butter and jelly sandwiches the boys are munching.

  3. I said Kevin the BSB was NEARING 40. He is about 35, actually. I was rounding his age up to be mean. A dead career isn’t enough; boy band members deserve as much cruelty as can be heaped upon them.

    I’m not exaggerating about the Jane’s Addiction boys, though. Standing next to them I felt Amazonian. I could have picked Dave and Perry up, one on each shoulder, and carried them off.

  4. And are you sure this green egg talk isn’t some promotional tie-in to the horrid live action movie “The Cat in the Hat”? If you mention ham or Sam I am, start inverting the objects and subjects in your sentences and saying things like “I will not eat carbs in the rain, I will not them on a plane” then I know the grill was studio graft you snagged from a newsroom features department on one of your journeys through Scrippslandia.

  5. No, my egg talk is totally Vincent Price motivated. Egghead was the coolest Batman villain of them all. He was EGGsceptional.

    Also, don’t let another horrid, uninspired creatively bankrupt movie version/remake of a great work poison you on the original. Every time Hollywood does something like this, I go back to the original and ask: Why in the hell did we need a remake of this? One of my favorite examples is Bedazzled, the ’60s flick with Dudley Moore, Peter Cook and Raquel Welch. Why in the hell did Hollywood need to puke out a remake? They should have just reissued the original …

  6. What’s quality or wisdom got to do with making big-budget films?

    The guiding force is M-O-N-E-Y. You can’t make a bazillion dollars off product tie-ins on a 30-year-old movie or cartoon, no matter how great a piece of pop art it is. You need new stars to market the movie around, and most importantly, new licensing rights to insure the fattest profit possible from the Happy Meal toys, t-shirts and Special Edition Pez dispensers.

    Who the hell cares whether the remake is a ravaging of the original? There’s gold in them thar classics.

  7. I sat through “Cat in the Hat” and “Bad Santa” in one week. My cynicism about the movie business has been provoked.

  8. hey! when did pez become evil? i still enjoy an occasional petrified, pressed sugar wafer dispensed by none other than speedy gonzales.

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