Hiking in Ocala National Forest

I fled to Florida with the idea of spending a lot of time on the water, but winds and cold temperatures combined to limit my paddling opportunities. So I decided to try hiking the Ocala National Forest. I drove to Salt Springs, where I walked around and checked out the natural spring at the park. […]

Return to Silver Springs

I heard them long before I spotted them. After scanning the shoreline for a few moments, I saw furtive movements. About 20 rhesus monkeys were along the shoreline. Their shrieking stopped when they saw me, but after they realized I was no threat and no food was forthcoming, the continued playing, squabbling and eating. I […]

Kayaking Florida: Silver Springs

Since my kayak obsession began, I’ve been a hermit paddler. I tend to go out alone as much out of necessity as of desire. Not terribly smart, really. But I just haven’t found anyone yet who shares my passion for kayaks. That changed when I paddled Silver Springs with several folks I met via Paddling.net. […]