Red sky at morning …

Red sky at morning, viewed from the Treehouse.

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Friday, August 31

After a restless night, I awoke to a scene from an alien abduction. A rosé glow pulsed outside and the howler monkeys were in full flail, donkey-braying to greet the day. I got up, went to the deck and looked out. My ocean view was nothing but red sky …

How’s that for a 5:15 a.m. wakeup call?

True to form, the red sky gave way to rain, which is falling gently as I write. I ran down to the kitchen long enough to make coffee, slice up a papaya and peel a few bananas. This will be a good day to hunker down and work on The Book. Based on reading and research yesterday, I’m rethinking the first chapter, especially the nature of the protagonist, perhaps taking a darker turn.

Not much else to report. And that’s good. So here’s a gratuitous dog picture. This guy beamed in next to me at the beach the other day while I was sitting on a log watching the waves. I didn’t even hear him approach. I just turned around and there he was. After realizing I wasn’t a Gringo with Food, he padded off toward his next mark. Adiós, dude.

Random beach dog.