One reply on “From Mesa Verde to the Milky Way”

  1. Hey Bob,

    Mesa Verde is one of my favorite places on earth – the place we kids always begged to go on vacation. Back then you could camp on the mesa top. We kids would start our day by visiting Esther (the mummy in the museum), then do a ranger tour of Cliff Palace. We’d discovered that every ranger has different stories, and we wanted to hear them all.

    Balcony House was our all-time favorite ruin. Do they still let tourists climb the ladder and walk through? We loved it – imagining that we could scamper up the cliff face using those finger and toe holds — escaping parents, of course, because they wouldn’t know which foot to start with.

    Sun palace was also mighty fine. Such a wonderful place to launch a child into an imaginary past, or an adult into reflection, amazement and wonder. I’m glad you took the time to go there.

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