A strange package from Montana

When a package arrived from Montana recently, I was leery. Very leery.

I shook it. Nothing rattled. Nothing ticked. But there was a certain distinctive swooshing.

Turns out it contained a copy of Montana magazine with an article about Circle Square and its erudite proprietor, John Baker. And four cans of Cold Smoke Scotch Ale, which I fell in love with during my trip to Missoula last summer.

I was going to save and savor my Cold Smokes one by one since it’s a strong ale (about 7% alcohol), but no such luck. I sucked down all four of them, and a few Genesee Cream Ales I had in my beer fridge.

After I got done beating the dogs, I put Lara out in the back yard and went for a ride in the truck … throwing empty Cold Smoke cans out the window as I drove.