Suffering the Benz at 30,000 feet

So I’m heading to Naples on a business trip and get the first class upgrade. Very cool. Even if it is a bulkhead seat. The flight attendant comes up to me after the plane is in the air, and motions to the guy nodding off next to me.

“Are you traveling together,” she asks.

No. Though I think the question a bit odd.

“His name is Benz and your name is Benz. I thought maybe you were together.”

She doesn’t believe me when I inisist I’m not kidding and I’ve never met the guy next to me.

He wakes to confirm this.

Turns out I’m sitting next to Stephen Benz from Cincinnati. Small world. No relation.

6 replies on “Suffering the Benz at 30,000 feet”

  1. that’s not the guy that gwen refers to as “the other benz”, is it? i think that he’s somewhere in ohio. now, that would be a truly small world!

  2. I don’t think this guy is the “other benz.” he must be another other benz. but you never know. he looked a bit too respectable to be consorting with gwen and dave … tell them to ask the other benz if he’s been on any planes to naples recently.

  3. There’s another Leanne Potts out there who is a university professor. Really. She even spells her name the way I do.

    There is also a character named Leanne Potts on a Sci-Fi Channel original series. Imagine my surprise when I saw my name on the cast of characters list that came in a press kit earlier this year.

    I can’t think of the series name at the moment. But the character is a former New Orleans PD homicide detective and now works as a private investigator. In an interesting twist, the fictitious Leanne Potts is black.

  4. we rheinlanders are a rare breed. i’ve never met another though we do have a street in new york!

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