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  1. The Ellmann biography of Joyce got it rolling. When the “indefatigable Howard Owens” lent it to me, I was pretty reluctant. I really wasn’t that interested in a literary biography on Joyce. But Howard insisted it was quite readable. He was right. Ellmann did a superb job of telling Joyce’s tale and making it more story than literary dissection. The more I read the Ellmann bio, the more I realized I need to double back and re-read Joyce. As I’m doing that, I’ve been blown away by what an incredible writer he was. Don’t worry, though. I’m still drawing the line at Finnegans Wake.

  2. I skimmed through “Ulysses” in an overloaded quarter at Auburn U. in the late 1980s. Re-reading and paying attention this time has long been on my list of things to do. BTW, there’s a Ulysses for Dummies web site at http://www.bway.net/(tilde)hunger/ulysses.html. I have no idea how to insert a hot link into this blog, so that will have to do. And the (tilde) is an actual symbol, not the word. I don’t know how to type one in on this system. A regular MT know-nothing, that’s me.

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