Evel’s ready to jump again …

When I was a kid, I though Evel Kneivel was the coolest thing on wheels. He inspired us the the loftiest heights of stupidity. We jumped our Big Wheels and bicycles over just about everything. Somewhere, I even have 8MM slow-motion film of my brother crashing and burning on a Big Wheel.

Now the man is planning a return with his longest jump ever. Can you say “nationally televised suicide“?

4 replies on “Evel’s ready to jump again …”

  1. I guess that depends on how you define “alive.” His body is still stumbling around. I’m not sure the brain waves are real strong …

  2. Well I know where I want to go on vacation next year.:)

    Still got that video of your brother around?

  3. Actually, I do have that around, but it’s 8MM. I need to get it converted to video so I can post it.

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