Robert BenzI was sitting around sipping a scotch and talking to friends one night when someone asked: “What’s your greatest accomplishment?”

As each person went around giving an answer, I was amazed at the company I was in. These folks had done some significant stuff. When it came my turn, I knew exactly what to say:

“My marriage.” Everyone looked a little taken aback. Not in a bad way. Just that I’d thrown a bit of a screwball.

But it’s true. I’ve been married for more than 20 years, and my wife and I still are best friends. There’s no one I’d sooner spend time with. We’ve built a good life together, and when you think about how rare true love really is, that’s quite an accomplishment.

That might be the best way to say what I’m “about.”

As for the other stuff. I’m a dog person, newbie kayaker, cigar aficionado, zombie movie fanatic, Deadhead, hockey nut, greedy journalist, aspiring geek, card-carrying Yinzer, highly caffeinated schemer, literary elitist, player hater and a hand-grenade tosser. I hate feet, airplanes and fundamentalists. I love the cello, medium-rare ribeyes and kingfishers.

Still haven’t had enough?

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